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Dressed to Kill

     When we give our life to Christ, We step out onto the biggest battle field in history. We are thrust into a spiritual war for our souls. God did not leave us unprotected though. He gave us armor and weapons with which we are able to successfully repel the attacks of the enemy.

Red Sea Rules

     When Moses led the people out of Egypt, the Lord led him to camp at the Red Sea. The people were trapped as pharaoh’s army came after them. There are many lessons we can learn about trusting the Lord in difficult times. Here are a few:


     There are many examples in the Bible of people with very messy lives. It is great encouragement to know that even people with extremely messy lives can be used powerfully for God and His Kingdom. Step into the shoes of these messy heroes for God…

I Wanna Be Like...

     The World is filled with things clamoring for our attention. We often look to others as examples of what we would like to accomplish or become. We have earthly role models that influence how we think and how we act. Jesus laid out a clear plan of how we wanted us to be–mind, body, and spirit. It is found in Matthew 5-7, known as the Olivet Discourse or Sermon on the Mount. Listen for these “Be” attitudes…

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